Event Essentials

Race Clock Hire

Need a Race Clock for your finish line?.

We have 2 types of race clocks available.

Single Sided LED Clock:

- Waterproof anodized case
- 6 inch high ultrabright LED digits which count up/down to 99:59:59
- Time display that can be preset and seen from 250 feet away in bright sunlight
- Infrared remote control
- Runs from a standard 12v Battery (Supplied)

SEIKO ST306 Single Sided Race Clock: 

Our mechanical type clock still remains the favourite when it comes to the finish line. these clocks are a great addition to have on the all important finish line. This clock can be hung from a gantry, placed on a stand and can also be fixed onto the roof of a car.

- Large Yellow Flip Digits
- 200mm High digits for 100m visibility
- Anti-reflective material for high visibility in direct sunlight
- Displays: Hours/Minutes/Seconds

These clocks make the perfect end to your race and are a must have item at every event 

Please note:  We do not hire our race clocks for individual events. We only hire them as part of the timing services we provide.