Timing Services

Duathlon Chip Timing

We can provide Duathlon chip timing services for small local Duathlon events with a couple of hundred competitors or large scale events with over 1000 competitors.
We offer the most upto date services and technologies available on the duathlon market today.

As standard we provide timings for all the main splits within a triathlon as follows:

- Run1
- T1
- Bike
- T2
- Run/Finish

We can also provide additional points as needed additional fees apply:

- Bike Lap Splits
- Midway Running Splits

All our events include a manual backup at the finish providing results should any chips malfunction or are lost whilst the race is in progress.


All results can be viewed in real time whilst the event is taking place, competitors family and friends can view exact split timings by visiting the results station, generally located near the finish. We have a large LCD T.V. allowing competitors to enter their race number and see full results in real time on the T.V. Screen.