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Swimming Chip Timing

The success of Great Britain's open water swimmers combined with the ever increasing popularity of triathlon has lead to a boom in the demand for open water swim racing at all levels from novice to elite.

Whether you're a triathlon club or swimming club which handles small swimming races or a professional timer who handles medium to large size events, we have a timing solution for you.

This system is also invaluable for event safety giving you an accurate count of swimmers entering the water and also exiting the water.

2 Methods depending on courses and design constraints:

Gun Time

It's the official race time and is the time that the swimmer takes to complete the course from the time the gun was fired. Of course if you take say thirty seconds to cross the line this additional time is part of your race time.

Chip Time

This is the time that the swimmer actually takes from the time they crossed the start line (even if they took thirty seconds to do so from went the gun was fired) to the time they crossed the finish line. However, this time has no relevance to the results whatsoever and is used for information purposes only.

Service Provided

- Full Printed Results Instantly
- Live Results displayed on an LCD T.V