Help get Daren an adapted bike to support his stroke rehabilitation

Help get Daren an adapted bike to support his stroke rehabilitation

Added by Admin 11/06/2019

We have know Daren for some years from our triathlon background and cycling in the area. Daren worked at Ken Ellerkers for over 3 decades providing help and advice to the thousands of cyclists in our local area.

We all take riding our bikes for granted and we all love the freedom it gives us.

On 16th January 2017, in the early hours of his 50th birthday, Daren Smith had a stroke. He is recovering through specialist physiotherapy and the support of his family and friends. Daren is passionate about cycling and bikes and as part of his rehabilitation he has been using the adapted bikes at East Park in Hull. He has limited mobility (although this is improving) and we would like to raise some money to purchase an adapted bike so that that Daren can have access to it closer to home and to ride on a more regular basis. We are looking to raise this money in the next 6 months. Daren is a strong, determined and focused man and it would be incredible if we could help him out in this way to help him to achieve his goal, support him in his recovery and give him some independence.

We would like to help in any way that we can by spreading the word on social media we are hoping to raise enough money for daren's rehabilitation in the way of purchasing an adapted bike that would give daren his freedom back and help him on his way to recovery.

So please spare a couple of pound and help him achieve his dream of getting back on the road.

You can donate by visting his go fund me page any amount would help and I am sure daren would be most appreciative.

Go fund me page setup by Tim Pattle (a good friend of Daren's)