Gun or Chip Time

Gun or Chip Time

Added by Admin 20/11/2021

We often get asked what the difference is between the Gun Time and the Chip or Net Time

The Gun Time

All events are generally started by the firing of a gun or the sounding of a horn. The gun time is calcluated from the moment the gun is fired to the time you crossed the finish line.

The gun time is the official time that is used to calculate positions within an event.

Chip Time or Net Time

Nearly all events will have electronic timing equipment on the start and finish and will be able to provide an accurate time for the distance covered for the event. A chip time or net time is calculated from the moment that you cross the start line to the moment that you cross the finish line. In all races it may take you several seconds or even minutes to cross the start line.

The chip or net time will be made known to you for your own personal information and is generally not used in the official results.

Please note under official rules it is not generally used to calculate finishing positions. The first person who crosses the line first wins the race!

We have found that some events do choose to use the chip time for actual results and they sometimes use the chip times for any age based category results, but these are down to indiviudal events and what they wish to use.

As a timing company we can provide the results as needed and requested by the race directors.