Virtual Events - Event cancellation there is an answer!!

Virtual Events - Event cancellation there is an answer!!

Added by Admin 21/03/2020

As a Sports Timing Solutions company our business has been decimated by the current Corona Virus. We have seen all events cancelled for the next 3 months and we are expecting far more with a 99% drop in online entries the events industry is facing its toughest times for decades.

With this in mind we have made some small developments to our Sports Entry Solutions Platform and also The Entry Point that provide events that have had to cancel or may have to cancel the option of providing a virtual event.

Its pretty simple the event can use our virtual event option and then all participants can submit their times which can be verified, inturn these times will be displayed on the virtual events completion page. Demo Page Here

As an event organiser you can then award any medals or t-shirts that you would have other wise given out at the event.

These are testing time but we are hoping that we can help as many of our events in providing this service. The results and times are not official but it gives something back to the runners in these bad times.