Running Events And Covid 19

Running Events And Covid 19

Added by Admin 28/10/2020

Well it has been a rather long time since we have been working in the current pandemic. Our last event was last March before lockdown.

Things are changing all of the time and it looks like until we have a vaccine then we are going to be living with this for quite some time. With this in mind we are delighted to announce that there is a solution for all running events that can be ran in a SAFE, COVID 19 secure way.

We provided the race timing for a local event at the weekend. The runners all socially distanced and the event was a great success.

How did we do it?

Providing race timing is what we do and providing race timing for socially distanced event is no different to what we provide for a standard event.

We had a seperate start and finish and all runners started the event in 5 second intervals keeping a socially distanced 2m apart when waiting to start the event.

The start took place within 30-40 minutes. For this event we used a chip time for the results meaning the clock started ticking as soon as each runner crossed the start line.

All in all the event was a success and everyone enjoyed getting out and taking part in the event.

If you want to run a socailly distanced event then get in touch and let us help you out.