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Sportive Timing

Whether you're a cycling club which handles small local sportive races or a professional event organisor who handles medium to large size events with thousands of competitors. You may want a finish time you may want finish times and chip times you may even want various split timings for mid race timing points. Our timing systems can cater for a few hundred or a few thousand competitors giving instant results to all competitors as they cross the finish line.

By utilising our unique disposable timing chips there is nothing to collect in at the end of the event and the athletes do not need to manually record there own times at a timing point using some form of dibber as associated with other timing systems. They can simply concentrate on the event itself and let the timing systems perform the task in hand.

Free GPS Tracking for all sportive riders

We have just launched our brand new personal GPS tracking solution perfect for all sportive events. We are the only company in the world who provides this system. It allows family and friends to keep track of you in real time whilst you take part in the event. Our application is currently developed for the Apple Devices however we are looking to introduce an android version later in the year if it becomes popular.

- Sportive Events
- Lapped Cycle Events
- Enduro Type Events
- Mountain Bike Events

Sportive Chip Time & Medal Categories

With sportive events being non competitive we have designed a timing system along with results and medal statuses for each an every rider.

Our results service can provide instantly as soon as the rider has completed the event and award a medal status of Bronze, Silver & Gold depending on how long it has taken them to complete the required distance. These are instantly displayed online aswell as at the finish line these can be viewed by visiting our results kiosk located near the finish line. In addition to viewing your results you are able to provide an onsite printing of certificates in real time for all riders (Extra Equipment Needed)

Sportive Service Provided

- Timing for 200 or 2000+ Riders
- Free Personal GPS Tracking app for all riders (Only company in the world to offer this unique service)
- Timings for hills & remote points (King of the Hills) *additional fees apply or free using our app
- Instant results
- Staggered starts
- Full printed results instantly
- Live video finish
- Live results displayed on an LCD T.V
- Free professional online event certificates Click Here For Demo

We supply our very own unique STS Pro Cycle Helmet Timing Chip these are simple to hand out or send via post and are fully disposable.

Please contact us for a quote today we will gladly try and price match any genuine quotation received.


Sportive Timing Features

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You can download and install this application by visting the App Store.
Or visit our dedicated website for full details.
Best suited to Iphones and Ipad devices.